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General Overview

If you're someone who's currently in the market for real estate, then look no further than Arbutus, which is a community that is located on Vancouver's west side, directly south of the town of Kitsilano. Other neighboring communities include the following: 
  • Dunbar (located on the west side)
  • Shaughnessy (located on the east side)
  • MacKenzie Heights (located on the south side)
  • Quilchena (located on the south side) 
Arbutus, a more upper-class community, contains larger-sized homes at above-average prices.


Who Lives Here?

The overall population of Arbutus consists of working professionals, many of which who are employed at the nearby University of British Columbia. As a result, the neighborhood of Arbutus Ridge possesses a demographic that is older and more affluent in nature as opposed to the neighboring communities, which contain a higher population of both students and individuals who have recently graduated. Many homes that are listed for sale in Arbutus are detached; however, there has recently been an uptick in both low and high-rise condominium complexes being constructed. Arbutus also has one of the lowest crime rates, yet it also has one of the highest property value markets in all of Vancouver. Despite the price, many people are still willing to pay it to raise their families here.

Raising Families

If you're looking to purchase a home in Arbutus, you'll discover that this particular community has become increasingly popular for both young couples and new parents who are looking to raise a family. This is because Arbutus possesses factors such as the following: 
  • Safe Streets
  • Neighbors who are friendly
  • Wonderful parks
  • Great schools 
Trafalgar Elementary School and Carnarvon Elementary School, both of which are located in Arbutus, offer classrooms from kindergarten all the way through seventh grade. This helps provide parents with a couple of different options regarding where they would like to send their children to school.
Many people often spend lots of time purchasing some form of real estate in Arbutus because there are so few neighborhoods in Vancouver where parents feel safe allowing their children to play on the streets. Thanks to all of the many homes that are available for sale in this community, as well as those communities that are nearby, it shouldn't be so surprising that Arbutus has become the leading destination that people want to flock to the most after selling their starter homes. If you're interested in purchasing a home in Arbutus, don't hesitate to contact us as soon as possible. Our award-winning team has lots of experience in this field, and we will be able to assist you with anything that you need, as well as keep you informed whenever a new home hits the market in Arbutus, which will keep you miles ahead of the competition!

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