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Overview of Kitsilano

Kitsilano is a beautiful neighborhood in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Kitsilano (Kits), located on Vancouver’s West Side, gets its name from Squamish Chief August Jack Khatsahlano.  With a population close to 41,000, real estate in Kitsilano is on the rise.   
The residential sector is filled with Kitsilano homes for sale.  The busy business districts are loaded with traditional retail stores, busy organic food markets, and exceptional restaurants.  One cannot help but take notice of the beach, The Burrard Beach, and The Museum of Vancouver.  These historical landmarks continue to impress tourists every year. 
Over the years, Kitsilano hosted special events like The Vancouver International Children's Festival, The Shakespeare Festival on the Beach, and The Celebration of Light Fireworks Competition.  This flourishing neighborhood served as home for the following people:  professional ice hockey superstar Trevor Linden, comedian Brent Butt, environmentalist David Suzuki, writer Philip K. Dick, and actor Ryan Reynolds.


History of Kitsilano

The name “Kitsilano” comes from “Xats’alanexw” (proud name of a Squamish Chief).  Since the early 1800’s, the Squamish people have lived in this area.  The Squamish people relinquished the reserve to the federal government back in 1946.  It is imperative to mention that there is an Indian reserve located nearBurrard Street Bridge. 
Believe it or not, the streetcar lines in the city had a “loop” at Arbutus & Cornwall.  This unique area later became to be known as “Greer’s Beach.”  With the Lulu Island Railway Line underway in the late 1800's, the Kits were forced to move closer to the downtown, housing, and commercial areas.  The area outside of MacDonald(from 4th Ave. to King Edward) was known as Malaria Flats.  Over time, the Malaria Forest was covered by the West Coast Forest.
The illustrious Vancouver Lawn Tennis Club in Granville Park emerged as a favorite club for upper-class socialites residents in the 1890’s.  Some well-known, talented Canadian players played in the big matches held by the club.    
Back in the sixties, the neighborhood was pretty affordable to the working class, and it attracted many hippies from the culture from the United States and Canada.  However, “Yuppies” began to take over the neighborhood in the following decades.  Some people have fond memories of The Soft Rock Café near 4th and Maple.  The Soft Rock Café was converted into a contemporary shopping center.      
Kitsilano has become a desirable neighborhood to live in because it is near beautiful parks and beaches.  It is also near a thriving downtown area.  Real estate developers recognized the true potential of this area several years ago.  This is the main reason why you will see more condos for sale as time progresses. 
The Naam Café at 4th and Macdonald is one historical artifact that stands today.  This particular Café offers vegan, vegetarian, and natural foods.  This is why you will find the health conscious crowd hanging out there.  This location is also well-known for having nostalgic restaurants such as The California-style Topanga Café.  Three pioneering pubs in Vancouver can still be found on 4th Avenue.  Bimini’s, Jerry’s Cove, and Darby D. Dawes continue to serve fine spirits to their customers. 
Greenpeace started in Dorothy Stowe's home at 2775 Courtney Ave. in Point Grey close to Pacific Spirit.  Regional Park and UBC emerged from a home in a tiny office on the southeast corner of Broadway at Cypress in Kitsilano.  Shortly after that, they shared an office with SPEC at 2007 4th Ave. And Maple. 
The home of Adriane and George Carr served as the launching pad for The Green Party of British Columbia back in 1983.  The office was moved close to Broadway and Cypress.  It is vital to point out that this office became the first office for The Green Party of Canada.     
Kitsilano has a rich history that will never be erased from the history books.  With prime real estate available to people from all walks of life, Kitsilano homes for sale continues to be a hot topic.  It would be a grave mistake to overlook the condos for sale.  This gorgeous area is ideal for families that enjoy shopping and spending time at excellent restaurants.  It is fair to say that Kitsilano has plenty of untapped potential for anyone interested in having a fresh start in life.     

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